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You will no doubt be very excited about bringing your new kitten home. However, taking things slowly will make the transition for you and the kitten pleasurable. If you have no other household pets, integrating a new kitten into your home is a fairly simple affair. You will automatically want to make the kitten one of the family and will no doubt spend a great deal of time bonding and spoiling your feline companion. However, you need to keep in mind that your home is a strange, new place to your kitten, away from it's litter mates and it's mother. The kitten will need time to adjust and explore the new surroundings.  
Before bring your kitten home set aside a private area, with a bed, food and a litter tray. A separate room is the best, but can also be a corner screened off from the room's normal activity. Give your kitten space, lots of loving attention, but remember not to overwhelm the kitten and soon the kitten will feel at home.
When intergrating with other pets, put your kitten in a separate safe room for a couple of days. After a few days, you can open the door a little, to allow the other cats to sniff and peek. Rub the new kitten with a towel to impart scent on it, then put the towel in the sleeping area of your existing cats, so they'll become accustomed to the new smell. Reverse the tactic by giving the new member a towel or blanket with the scent of your older cats. In a few days put the kitten in a carrier and allow the other cats to come in and sniff. Expect a bit of growling and hissy-spitty behavior at first, which is instinctive. Try not to rush things, but provide occasions where the other cats and the new kitten can share pleasurable activities. Within a week or two, they should settle down and be getting along just fine. The key is not to rush things, and to give both sides a lot of individual attention in the interim. In no time at all, your kitten will be part of your family. 
When there are young children in the household the integration should also be done slowly. Be mindful that a the kitten has left it's litter mates and mother behind and any sudden activity from a enthusiastic child will stress the kitten.