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Aklisbb Rupanzel on exhibition at the Suffolk and Norfolk cat club show on 20 May in Godmanchester!

Aklisbb Rapunzel was flying the BLH flag as an exhibit for the second time and was received with admiration at the Southern British Shorthair Cat Club on 4 March 2017.

Aklisbb Rapunzel (BLH) on exhibition for the very first time at the Southern Counties and Croydon Cat Clubs shows on 11 February 2017. A big thank you to everyone who showed their supports and encouragement for a breed that is truly a part of the "British" Heritage!


Willowood Jasper Carrot was
shown at the Norfolk and Suffolk Cat Club Show on 16 May and was granted his third Challenge Certificate and was made up to GCCF Champion. He was also awarded two first in his side classes, making it a red card day.  

This is Aklisbb Solaris who was awarded the Best British Shorthair Kitten at the Essex Cat Show on 11 April 2015.

Angelica gained her third CC at the Surrey and Sussex Cat Association on 16 March 2014 and was made up to GCCF Champion.

Angelica attended her second adult show at the Croydon Cat Club (8 February 2014) and she was awarded her second CC.

Angelica was shown at the Southern Counties Cat Club (25 January 2014) and it was truly a special day, as she was penned next to her father. It was her first adult show and she was granted her first Challenge Certificate (CC). 

Sara was shown as a kitten at the Maidstone and Medway (23 December 2013) and was awarded Best of Breed and a First in her breed Class. 

Angelica was shown as a kitten at the National Cat Club (7 December 2013) and was awarded Best of Breed and a First in her Breed Class.

My First ever GCCF show - at the Kentish Cat Society (19 October 2013) - and what a day it was! Sheephouse Sara was the star of the day as she was BOV British Kitten. She was also awarded a First in her Bread Class, along with two first in her side classes and one third. 

Tapmacks Angelica was also there and she was awarded BOB and a first in her breed class. She also achcived  two first and a third in her side classes.

(Swanley, 1 and 3 March 2013)

Sia debuted as an adult and was up against the big guys! She had two finals in the Special Breed section and came ninth out of 34 cats. She also had two finals in the All Breed section and came ninth out of 67 cats. A great result for her first adult show and was made up to Champion.

Ragtime TICA
(Peterborough, 21 January 2013) 

Sia had three finals out of six and came fourth twice and also got a first. 

(Newbury, 28 October 2012)

Tapmacks Countesanastassia (Sia) went to her first shown and she had four finals out of six and came ninth, sixth, fifth and fourth. Thank you to her breeder Geraldine Tapping from Tapmacks British Shorthair Cattery for entrusting me with this beautiful girl.